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Editor, Times-Advocate:

We see good cops in our neighborhood every day. They are helping us and our neighbors in our greatest times of need when we are scared, in danger, or simply need another pair of hands. These cops are selfless and perform an essential public service for us all. These cops also don’t need qualified immunity. 

Good cops do their jobs well, it is as plain as that. They are thoughtful and follow their training even when making a split second decision. Good cops are not the ones using deadly choke holds or shooting first and asking questions later. The only members of our law enforcement agencies who would be impacted if our legislature ended the legal loophole of qualified immunity are the bad cops who use excessive force. If we want to protect our men and women in blue, we need to end qualified immunity and get bad cops off the force.


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One response to “Letter to the Editor: POLICE REFORM: QUALIFIED IMMUNITY”

  1. Robert Daumiller says:

    Ms. Greenwald’s argument again qualified immunity is irresponsible and lacking in substance. Police officers face daily decisions that must be made quickly and with our backing. They need to know that when they act, they will be supported against the hate-cops mob. There is no need to end qualified immunity for law enforcement. In fact, it will curtail law enforcement from it’s only job, to safely protect citizens. The answer is simple. Hire intelligently and monitor law enforcement officers. We have all seen what crippling law enforcement agencies have wrought on communities that support the efforts of Ms. Greenwald.

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