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Editor, Times-Advocate:
Sad to say, many people have maligned some very important people this past year. Imagine your son, daughter, husband or wife spending 5-6 years of their lives getting their education, applying to the Police Academy, completing a reading exam, physical fitness test, drug screen, background check and medical and psychological evaluations and passing a polygraph test BEFORE they are even accepted into the Police Academy.
A police officer may serve their community in many ways. Their main job is to enforce the law and protect people and their property.
Police officers patrol the streets to prevent crimes and to maintain order. They conduct traffic stops, keep detailed records and testify in court against criminal suspects. They work shifts that operate around the clock. They apprehend criminals, conduct searches and help citizens in case of an emergency. They are the first to respond to an incident such as domestic violence, kidnapping, and robberies. They regularly work scenes of crime and accidents. Border agents and environmental police work outdoors in physically challenging terrains and weather. On a daily basis, police officers are routinely faced with people that get in their face, scream and call them hateful names. Many police officers are murdered each year. They often put their own safety at risk and put their life on the line to protect us!
I cannot imagine the chaos that there would be if we had no police in our areas. People with evil hearts would run rampant. We would not want our children to be exposed to that kind of life. We would not want to be exposed to it ourselves.
Police officers are extremely important to maintain a peaceful society. If the harassment continues for defunding the police force and federal control takes over, the police officers could very well and with good reason, leave the Police Force. They would find another job but our lives would be so much worse. We would be vulnerable to criminals and gangsters. Fear and intimidation would hang over each of our heads every day of our lives.
It is vital that we start supporting our police officers and bring back the respect that they deserve for the challenging jobs that they do. In today’s world so many people do not respect each person for the individual that they are or treat them like they themselves would like to be treated. It is time to reverse this direction. Would you want to be a policeman and daily face what they have to face? Be thankful for them and join a Support Your Local Police (SYLP) group now. They need encouragement in their job just like you and I do. For more information on how to do this, call 858-717-0852.
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