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Editor, Times-Advocate:

In response to Michael Burke’s “Protest the car tax: stop driving.”

Driving less certainly affects our carbon footprint in a positive way but realistically most people have to drive to get to work and take care of other appointments and this is very ineffective way to protest the gas and car tax.

The tax on gas in California has not been raised since 1994. In the meantime, the price of materials and labor has gone up dramatically. as well as the number of registered drivers and cars on the road.  Do we honestly think we can maintain our roads and bridges on the tax money that we raised in 1994?  Most of us would agree that the road and bridge maintenance is long overdue. Now is a perfect time to increase taxes and fees since gas and diesel is at an all-time low in real dollars and electric cars are coming on the market quickly.

These owners will incur a yearly charge to use the roads, as well they should. It seems whenever there is talk about a tax increase there is an immediate reaction of “not out of my pocket”.  All of us want good roads and safe bridges, maturity demands that we take responsibility of the cost and that we are willing to pay for it. Low gas prices have motivated drivers to buy trucks and SUVs at a time when we need to increase gas mileage to minimize emissions.  If owners can afford to get low gas mileage, they can afford to pay the additional tax, again taking responsibility for our choices.

There are plans in place already for repair. Construction jobs pay reasonably well and it will add to the economy to add money for infrastructure projects to put people to work.


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