Escondido, CA


Editor, Times-Advocate:

Re: “Council moves towards reforming police and campaign finance”

A citizen’s board for WHAT?  Our police department has operated without problems up to this point, why do we need to spend tax money on bureaucrats looking to second guess our officers when we have a great internal affairs unit.

This sounds like these council people have been reading the BLM manual bringing big city tactics to a normally  quiet community.

We recently had the protester BS occur and our city was spared the destruction. The police leadership kept our city safe and now the reward from Diaz is to form an oversight board?


3 responses to “Letter to the Editor: NO NEED FOR A CITIZENS OVERSIGHT BOARD”

  1. Shelley Wells says:

    Now here’s the thing. Do non-believers of the over-sight board need to be on the over-sight board? Do we need this to ensure that the board does not turn the EPD into the Chicago, Portland, Seattle PD, etc? Do we now have to be the thing we do not want to be to make sure our protectors do not loose their rights while policing the city? It was sad enough to see the Chief of EPD kneel with the BLM student protesters, only to have the students that were call the police racist after the fact. These kids haven’t been in the world but for a minute. They haven’t been out in the world and they don’t know their history either. But that’s another subject. I support the blue and I hope that everyone who does shows them and all first responders just how much they’re appreciated and that we as a community keep an eye on this “over-sight” committee that Olga Diaz thinks we need.

  2. Stephen says:

    To be brief and candidly presumptuous:
    1. As one who identifies with a “…normally quiet community,” I suspect I could mark up a city map of where you do not live and recommend exposing yourself to other’s’ daily realities. I offer it is different from your experience. Try it some time.

  3. Robert Mosemak says:

    Seems very suspicious all of a sudden these liberal community leaders are pushing for a board to second guess our department when there is no use for it. All I see is power hungry control mongers wanting to play chief of police and execute their defund, reduce effectiveness agenda upon our officers. First its to remove the “choke hold” or carotid restraint that I used hundreds of times while in patrol and narcotics while arresting people on drugs and alcohol who fought and resisted. Not one complaint in all my years and not one death. What next, bullets ?, Mace? Batons? Stop trying to over regulate a department and officers who are doing a great job. You so called community activists need to find something else like an over sight board for the community gangs. Maybe you can end the sense killings and crimes by over seeing them or maybe you could over see their parents who allow this crap to continue. I say stop with your pathetic power grab and tax spending BS and go do something constructive. Trust me the police department isn’t the problem here its you.

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