Escondido, CA

Letter to the Editor: MR. MAYOR, HOW ABOUT DEEDS, NOT WORDS?

Editor, Times-Advocate:

Re: “Country Club concerns dominate town hall meeting”

Mr. Mayor, you make many statements that sound good, however you provide no information how this will take place.  I have lived in Escondido 50 years.

I have seen the town go from a safe and clean community, to just the opposite.  I see trash along the sides of the roads throughout the city.  I have stopped at times picking up two large trash bags.

Exactly how will you change this issue?  What exactly are our police doing to rid our City of gangs?  Is that possible?  I no longer go out at night because I don’t feel it is safe.  I am down to three streets I feel are somewhat safe to travel after dark.  That is sad for a town this size.

One last point.  If you are concerned about PERS, why are some employees paid the highest in the county?  PERS is tied the retiring salary, especially after only a few years at the new pay increase, they retire with a sizeable PERS benefit.  How do you plan to curtail this activity?  Seems it would be cheaper than another lawsuit.


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