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Letter to the Editor: MORE DEMOCRATIC BABBLE

Editor, Times-Advocate:

Reinhofer’s letter was more Democrat babble that I see and hear day in and day out on social media, TV “news”, internet blogs and the so called “Main Stream Media.”

His letter was a microcosm of typical Democrat intimidation through rants. Like a child sent to bed without supper he cries to the world that his Democrat Party views need to be heard and he is being persecuted due to the failures of your newspaper. Poor fellow.

Comments by him include “…pablum coming from the pen of Marie Waldron,” Conservatives are “American hating radicals” and Conservatives’ “answers change from day to day like their morals.” Real insightful stuff right there, no doubt to promote lively discourse.

This is exactly the kind of Democrat trash talk that I and many Conservatives despise and the reason why I enjoy The Times-Advocate. Leftist insanity rarely pokes it’s head out at the T-A.

Mr. Reinhofer displays the true character of the contemptuous left that always tries to rant its way into power through word-play intimidation.

He asks, “Inquiring minds want to know”. But we know from experience that Leftists never want “to know.” They want to preach. They want to administer dogma from the mountaintop while showing disdain and contempt for the non-believers. Exhibit 1: Reinhofer’s letter.

And now we will be hearing from the “southpaw” Charles Carr, whoever he is. But that’s another letter . . .


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