Escondido, CA

Letter to the Editor: MORASCO’S OP ED WAS TONE DEAF

Editor, Times-Advocate:

Recently, Escondido council member Mike Morasco wrote an op-ed, and it was pretty tone-deaf, to say the least. Despite the pleasant experience that he and his white, old, conservative-leaning constituents have had with the Escondido Police Department, other people in this city, particularly people-of-color have not had the same cozy relationship with the cops. And the supposed “inappropriate” and “opportunistic” comments that fellow council member Olga Diaz made at the rally held outside City Hall a few weeks ago were not inappropriate or opportunistic at all. She was speaking to a particular demographic that Mike Morasco and his friends not only don’t listen to, but also don’t care about.

I understand that Mr. Morasco is from a time when conservatives dominated the local city government and felt they didn’t need to listen to anyone other than the geriatric bootlickers who have lived here for decades and seem to think society would fall to anarchy if the EPD was *gasp* defunded (not abolished). But as it should have been apparent when citizens of Escondido voted out Sam Abed and Ed Gallo in 2018 and replaced them with Paul McNamara and Consuelo Martinez, that era of Democrats and minorities being shut of the city conversation entirely is over. Granted, Paul has betrayed the people who voted for him and given conservatives like Mike way more than they actually deserve, but that’s another topic.

The point is that to see Mike Morasco completely reject the points that Olga Diaz made and paint this fabricated picture of complete chaos under the scenario of some money being reallocated from the police to education and social services while kissing the asses of Chief Ed Varso and the other cops as if they’re incapable of doing any wrong is disgusting. Despite his nonsense talking points, the EPD does not deserve 43% of the entire city budget. The money that goes to the police should be cut, at least, in half and reallocated to our schools and social programs.



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