Escondido, CA

Letter to the Editor: MAC, PLEASE TAKE A STAND!

Editor, Times-Advocate:

Re: “Paul McNamara to kick off campaign for Escondido mayor.

Mac does not identify one concrete problem, nor describe a single specific solution.  Surely, as a citizen and aspiring mayor, he has specific financial, infrastructure, and business problems in mind that need to be solved.

Asking small business owners what they think of potholes and sidewalks?  I’ll go out on limb and guess they are against potholes and for sidewalks!

Puhlease!!  Take a stand, be specific, tell the voters what you think, what you plan to do.

Public-Private partnerships can be good; but be specific – what are you thinking about?

The roads are washboards; the business climate needs to be friendlier – reduce paperwork, streamline application processes, reduce the size of city staff, prosecute graffiti criminals, synchronize stoplights in the city to facilitate traffic, attack the gangs, the drugs, the violent crime, promote American values (honor, courage, commitment, citizenship).

What Mr. McNamara cites as negative when the city fought off imposition of a federal warehouse for illegal aliens, which would have resulted in increased crime, lower property values, and negatively impacted the citizens of this city. Because the ACLU extorted money from the city is not the fault of the Mayor or city council  that is the fault of an organization that does not serve the local community, but abuses American citizens who don’t want to be bullied by the Federal government or the progressive activists.  I thank Mayor Abed and the city council for fighting the good fight and defending Escondido citizens.

How about prioritize the voices of the law abiding, the payers of (high) property tax, the payers(high) state and local taxes, the overly regulated, and those victimized by crime?


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