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Editor, Times-Advocate:

Re: “Activists worry library privatizing already decided”

The lack of transparency from the Escondido City Manager and the majority City Council is truly disturbing and demonstrates the importance of one of the American Library Associations Policy statements that “privatizing the library threatens two pillars of public control: accountability and transparency”.

Sadly, lack of transparency reigns in the halls of Escondido City Hall.  Did they honestly think they could privatize our library without public participation? Sneak it through without the public knowing?  They need to take notice that the public has not forgotten that some of these same city politicians closed the East Valley Library without justification, a decision which negatively impacted students, seniors and residents in that part of town who relied on that library.  To now turn over our PUBLIC LIBRARY  to a for profit corporation whose reputation is less than sterling, is a blow to our community and will have serious consequences at the ballot box.

CHRIS NAVA, Escondido

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