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Editor, Times-Advocate:

It’s  Baaaaaack.

Stonegate aka Merriam Mountains aka Newland Sierra.

Third iteration of a huge, disastrous development at I-15 and Deer Springs Road, which would severely effect North County and the region.

The number is 2,135 dwelling units, 81,000 square feet of commercial use. 20 times the planned residential density. 28,862 new car trips, 36 % cuts to existing residents water supply.  Building in a very high fire hazard zone.

Condemnation of properties to widen roads, noise from 10 years of construction, grading blasting and rock crushing. Years of silica dust in the air.  Traffic nightmare.

There is nothing ‘affordable’ about this project. $400,000. to $500,000. for a condo/townhouse. Over $1,000.000. for a house.

This project violates GP 2020.   We need to STOP this monstrosity NOW.

Please send all comments to: before August 14, 2017.  You can call Ashley Smith at 858-495-5375 for more information.

Contact the Board of Supervisors at 619-531-5700.

ROB PETERSON, President, Twin Oaks Valley Property Owners Association

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