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Editor, Times-Advocate:

The LHR project presents extreme public liability and requires expensive infrastructure upgrades at public expense.  LHR was rejected by voters in 2016 by margin of 66% percent.  

Substandard narrow roadways do not have capacity for emergency evacuation, narrow roadways have dangerous curves, sight distance deficiencies, and insufficient width to accommodate emergency vehicles.     Proposed road designs will reduce traffic capacity even further.  The irresponsible proposal to form ad hoc Subcommittee for Lilac Hills Ranch is a recipe for disaster of crises proportions.   Stakeholders urge Planning Commission and Supervisors to accept, and apply updated fire determination by County Staff and County Fire Authority, developed in consultation with County Counsel.  Independent consultants with expertise in fire hazards concur with professional updated fire risk analysis & new conclusions that LHR project will cause entrapment due to speed of wind driven fire, with potential for fire spreading faster than vehicles will be able to evacuate.  

The ill-advised sprawl development communities into San Diego’s natural chaparral habitat SIGNIFICANTLY increases both the likelihood and intensity of these fires.  Planning efforts need to focus on infill development rather than continuing to expand into wild-lands.  Public values the natural habitat and open space as-is, and the existing general plan.   



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