Escondido, CA


Editor, Times-Advocate:

It has been several months since our daughter Cathy Kennedy, lost her life in a senseless act of gang violence on March 7. Due to diligence on behalf of the Escondido Police Department, the men responsible have been apprehended and are awaiting trial.

The anguish and pain we feel will never leave us but in this tragedy, we found love and support from those who knew her and those who did not.

We want to thank the community of Escondido who came together in solidarity, at the candlelight vigil on March 14 and her funeral mass at The Church of Saint Timothy on March 17, that was attended by more than 800 people, standing room only. Those who came from as far away as Canada, Texas, Santa Maria, Fresno, etc., we were humbled by your presence.

We are forever thankful to pastor Fr. Fernando and the priests and deacons, some who came from other parishes, the altar boys whom she knew since they were quite young, and the choir who sang so beautifully. The funeral mass was truly a blessed tribute to a wonderful woman who gave so much of herself to God, the Church and the Community.

The Bereavement Ministry and other parish committees, did a wonderful job at the church and reception, serving food that many people donated.  Special thanks to Mrs. Montijo and others for taking care of our family in this time of grief; Mrs. Holtz who made the beautiful centerpieces and to the people who sent flowers to the church and to our home in Hacienda Heights, as well as to her husband Kevin and daughter Alicia.  They are reminders of the beautiful person she was.

The outpouring of love expressed through the kind words in cards, novenas, prayer masses, too many to respond to, but please know how much we appreciate them. The generous contributions to the GoFundMe organization was truly a blessing and was used for funeral expenses. She is interned in the Saint Barbara cremation wall at the Mission San Luis Rey Cemetery in Oceanside. Please visit her if you choose to.  The Knights of Columbus also made a donation and placed a brick with her name on the pathway leading from the church to the hall.

We thank you for making her life and death more meaningful. I am sure she did not know how many lives she touched, because what she did in her service to the Church and community, she did out of love for Jesus Christ.


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