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Editor, Times-Advocate:

Re: “District 1 candidate Consuelo Martinez: “I’m literally listening block by block””

Thank you David Ross, for your interviews and articles with all Candidates running for Escondido Mayor, and 2 vacant City Council positions in Escondido , and publishing series of separate articles featuring Candidates in Escondido Times Advocate. Your in-depth interviews w/Candidates, and the articles based on those Interviews are vital to inform Registered Voters in Escondido well before the Registrar of Voters sends out “Vote By Mail: Ballots in a few short months.

Your series of Candidate Interviews is an impressive salute to early, complete, and fair coverage, so your readers, residents and registered voters in Escondido and Sphere of Influence (SOI) will be well informed, based on evidence based facts.

This statement reflects both my personal opinion and is expected to be consistent with position expected in next 5-8 weeks when Escondido Chamber of Citizens (#ECOC) will be asked to prepare formal Candidate Endorsements. ECOC Endorsements are not automatic or contrived. ECOC Board carefully considers if each Endorsement is deserved, based on merit, public service record), and Board hopes to interview Candidates during weekly ECOC weekly Meetings. ECOC Meetings are held each Wednesday morning (10 am – noon) in central Escondido. #ECOC has #Facebook Page that is updated frequently, website:

ECOC’s Membership is growing again, and ECOC Board remains active and busy to keep up with the intensive pace of active pending development projects going through permit approval sequences (City of Escondido, and County of San Diego.

The board seeks energetic, young and middle age Members, and ECOC Volunteers to assist ECOC Board continue managing large caseload of cases. Seeking Members and Volunteers w/computer skills, analytical, and communication skills. Application to join ECOC are available on ECOC Facebook Page, and Website. Question? Call me 760 580 7046.



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