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Editor, Times-Advocate:

In the April 27 edition Rich Reinhofer wrote that he was horrified that Marie Waldron voted against a bill that would give our city $900,000 for road repair.

I, for one, am proud of her vote as this is the same bill that adds 12 cents per gallon additional tax to gasoline sold in California and raises our vehicle registration anywhere up to $125 per year.

I am glad there is someone wailing into the abyss in Sacramento that sucks the money out of us and our state.

JOE OVIATT, Escondido

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One response to “Letter to the Editor: I’M PROUD OF MARIE WALDRON’S VOTE”

  1. Lee Heagy says:

    For once I agree and I hope a citizens initiative gets on the ballot. But what I’d would really like to see is, get rid of all the subsidies for bike lanes that are not utilized, the Sprinter that is almost always empty, Bus routes that have no riders and the high speed train to nowhere. All four were built or going to be built under the concept of “Build it and they will use it”. This has been dis-proven multiple times, in California and through out the nation. We as Californians are constantly being fed a bill of goods about projects, that end up being Monuments to our elected officials and if utilized, it is only by a very small minority of residents. I do agree with Federal Disability Act and I do hope that one day all the conservatives will wake up and realize Health care is a Right FOR All Americans and we should go to a single payer plan like every other civilized country has.

    By the way the Sprinter was built in the wrong place (between and through bedroom communities?), it should been from Temecula down the I15 corridor,to at least the Kearny Mesa area.

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