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Editor, Times-Advocate:

After reading your opinion section of the Times-Advocate for a couple of years now, I cannot contain my opinion any longer. 

You categorize Democrats as ‘elites’ and use Trump verbiage to bash others.  You are offended and find Hillary’s ‘deplorable’ statement more offensive than anything Trump has ever said, mocked, lied about or instigated. According to, Hillary was quoted as saying at a LGBT meeting, “You know, to just be grossly generalistic, you could put half of Trump’s supporters into what I call the basket of deplorables. Right? The racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamaphobic — your name it.”

Hillary regretted categorizing some people as deplorables and was quick to offer an apology. An apology, something Trump has not uttered. 

That you think Trump’s hateful mean-spirited rhetoric is fine and dandy makes me wonder what exactly Trump would have to do for you to take off your rose-colored Republican glasses and see our political situation for what it is? Trump goes on Fox News and blames the Demon Democrats for the wall not being built, deaths of immigrant children, anytime the stock market dips, fake news, government shutdowns and probably his poor golf game. My family members who are 

Republicans are avid watchers of Fox News, Breitbart and listen to the Patriotic radio show. So now mainstream TV channels like NBC, CBS, and ABC are liberal news outlets that concoct made-up stories that try to make Trump look bad?

According to your June 6, 2019 opinion piece, you labeled the Mueller investigation as “Russiagate” touting the theory that the report is all a conspiracy, “That’s because the purpose of the ‘gate’-keepers — otherwise known as the mainstream media — is to protect and advance the interests of the Democratic party.” 

David Ross, if you truly believe NOTHING is the truth then you live in a world controlled by the right wing media that is attempting to divide Americans into US and THEM. I refuse to adopt that narrow-minded thinking. We are Americans first.


You can read the Mueller report here:

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8 responses to “Letter to the Editor: I REFUSE TO ADOPT YOUR NARROW-MINDED THINKING”

  1. Racists spewing hate always think they are telling the truth,the truth that fills their “mean spirited” existence.Trump’s doing a great job of destroying our country with constant lies,and horrible crimes against women and children. Bring it together don’t rip it apart!Illegals ??? look in the mirror!!!

    • Thanks for the compliment Julie. The grass–roots political groups here in Escondido worked very hard to vote the old mayor, Abed, out of office in 2017. Democrats need young people to vote. Google Escondido Democratic Club and join us! Christine

  2. your brains are in between your back pockets!

  3. Joe says:

    It’s nice to see someone else is paying attention Christine. Unfortunately, the old white guys can’t be persuaded to realize that they’ve been duped by a professional self-serving con-man. Sadly, they may be long gone before their friends and families feel the full effects of this administration’s dismantling of our democracy.

    • Yes Joe, we all must pay attention. The old white guys like David Ross have nothing to lose with Trump being president. Trump speaks to the men applauding his molestation of women, playing cozy with the Russians, mocking people with disabilities, nefarious business dealings, slandering people of color, etc, etc. Trump’s base loves his politically incorrect rhetoric and he eggs them on at his Hilter-type rallies. Please consider joining our Democratic political groups here in Escondido. We are trying our best to sound the alarm.

  4. Juan says:

    Conservatives are on the decline and would rather embrace blatant fascism than give in to the reality of our times. The truth is only a small number of people continue to prosper under our current situation and that is the plutocracy/billionaire class while millions of workers continue to make due with stagnant wages and riding costs of, well, everything. “Bad hombres” and “nasty women” aside we need to do more as Americans to see our spending and taxes are overhauled to focus on the needs of the working class and not those who profit off the misery of others. In the end all politics is local and we are sure to see the conservative foothold many have enjoyed here in Escondido wane as younger families and professionals move to the area. Be at a peace brethren.

    • Juan, yes, change is coming to Escondido. The grass-roots groups and the Escondido Democratic Club needs people like you to join our fight. We changed Escondido for the better in 2017 by voting out our old Republican mayor, Sam Abed. We are actively ‘storming the Republican status quo.’ The Escondido Dem Club has already endorsed Ammar Campa Najjar and Olga Diaz. Christine

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