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Letter to the Editor: I DARE YA!

Editor, Times-Advocate:

Alex MacLachlan, president of the Downtown Business Association, wants to reopen businesses in the middle of a pandemic, because — duh — a pandemic has hurt the economy. So it makes perfect sense to reopen businesses that have no ability to provide safe social distancing — hair salons, for example. (When was the last time someone could color your hair within 6 feet, Alex?) Let me tell you, hair salons are not what keeps Grand Avenue open, it’s restaurants and antique stores. He also fails to mention that Escondido has the highest rate of infection of all North County cities — nearly double that of Oceanside — per statistics released one day ago by the County. Further, MacLachlan takes this opportunity to make a pandemic political with his ridiculous critique of California’s response to a pandemic,. But forget the deadly virus covering the world, MacLachlan wants us to focus on Grand Avenue. By the way, MacLachlan, the number infected in Escondido is now the fourth largest number of cases in the county, just behind Chula Vista and National City. I dare ya, Mr. MacLachlan, you go out with your wife, grandkids, and elderly mother to get your hair done. I dare you.


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