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Editor, Times-Advocate:

“Mac” and Martinez soothe business leaders”

“No abrupt, sudden lurches in any direction. Also, a message without a markedly anti-development bias.” 

Interesting comment from two of the council members who disregarded the staff recommendation at last week’s council meeting and told staff to cease development of the Water Treatment Facility(reverse-osmosis) for treated effluent water at the Washington/Ash site.  Staff reported that the cost of securing another site and doing all of the planning process over again would cost MILLIONS of dollars. This project was approved previously at this location and the planning for the construction of the facility is well along.  Pipelines are being constructed to move the water to and from this site. Staff strongly advised that the project proceed as approved.  None of this mattered to these council members.  

Sooner or later, all of the utility customers will be impacted by this.  In short, the ENTIRE community will have to bear this cost.  Higher utility rates mean more expense for business, higher living costs(and rents) and potential limits on granting new connections to sewer and water.   All for what reason?

JEFF WEBER, Escondido

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