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Letter to the Editor: HERE WE GO AGAIN

Editor, Times-Advocate:

Here’s our group’s reply to Masson’s interview.

It’s Deja vu all over again! Specifically: In that interview Mr. Masson indicated “He also expects his support for BMX facility at Kit Carson Park to be an election issue and that Jesmond Dene is off the table for a BMX track and where it’s happening is at Kit Carson Park.”

Really? By-the-way, Mr. Masson’s statement reeks of arrogance along with a failure to remember who he works for. In any event, it’s simply amazing to us that BMX has been rejected three times by Escondido citizens — yet here we go again. First let’s be clear – there is NO support for BMX in Escondido, nor are there any compelling reasons why this dangerous & violent sport must be located here – much less in any of our public parks.

And regarding Mr. Masson’s statement of making BMX an election issue, we think he should reconsider since dredging up the facts of the City’s last failed attempt should prove extremely embarrassing and be highly beneficial to any and all candidates running for council seats. It’s no secret that Council members Masson and Morasco are the driving forces for this continued insanity of trying to place BMX in Kit Carson Park.  However, if they think the Escondido (former) Public Library got protests when it was outsourced, we think they will be amazed to see the uproar over any attempt to build BMX at Kit Carson Park. Our group will also show just how disingenuous the City has been regarding the entire BMX issue.

Bottom line, an extreme sport has no business being in a public park, no matter what the sport, no matter where it’s located, and no matter how it’s funded (but especially if it’s funded with public dollars.) We think it’s time for the City to suck it up and “Let it go.”

JIMMY BEAN, The Board, We Are Kit Carson Park.

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One response to “Letter to the Editor: HERE WE GO AGAIN”

  1. Rick Elkin says:

    I have no dog in this hunt, but I wonder: Who presumes to define what is an extreme sport? Would skin diving, skiing/snowboarding, surfing, rock climbing or wakeboarding qualify? Every generation invents it’s own form of recreation. Who are we to judge how appropriate BMX activities are? I remember when skateboarders were considered crazy.

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