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Editor, Times-Advocate:

RE: Rick Elkin column ‘The Disruptor”

 There were things I agreed and disagreed with in this column. Many people voted for Donald Trump as a Randall McMurphy type disruptor. I would say that Nurse Ratched represented not the modern progressive culture but the conservative culture where everyone “knows their place in society.” 

In the movie, Randall McMurphy takes the other patients out on an afternoon boat ride. You could say he was in charge which is similar to Donald Trump being elected President put a disruptor in charge of the country. The other patients all had a good time but what they found was that having a disruptor in charge is disastrous. 

Just look to the mess that Donald Trump made of the response to the coronavirus and how he allowed it to sweep the country. He couldn’t even keep himself, his family, and the White House safe because he refused to follow the guidelines put out by scientist. Don’t forget his comment about how we should try injecting ourselves with bleach to kill the virus. Even now as they try to negotiate the latest corona virus response bill his chief negotiator, Steven Mnuchin, has given up because every day Trump is twittering something completely different and opposite of what was twitted the day before. 

It has been the same the past 4 years. Remember Infrastructure Week? No one else does either because in the press announcement opening it up, Donald Trump was talking about how nice the White Supremacists were. And infrastructure was the one area where the Democrats were most willing to work with him on. Just one of the many promises Donald Trump didn’t keep. Where is the big beautiful wall that Mexico was going to pay for?


One response to “Letter to the Editor: HAVING THE DISRUPTOR IN CHARGE IS DISASTROUS”

  1. Linda Greer says:

    Did you even research the candidates running for Palomar hospital board positions? Obviously not. Your should have read the article in “The Paper” .I guess all one has to do is pay for the ad and you publish without Research on your part.

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