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Editor, Times-Advocate:

Re the article: “Council moves towards reforming police and campaign finance.”

“Police Chief Ed Varso presented a report on Public Safety Hiring and Practices. He emphasized that his ‘forward thinking’ department strives to treat people fairly . .”  Welcome to the end of Escondido.  For decades I remember Escondido had one of the best departments ever.  If citizens let vile petty politics of the moment enter into keeping the city safe, you are doomed.  

Look to Portland, Seattle, Chicago, et al to see your future.  “Reform” in “enlightened” jurisdiction means crippling cops for political goals.  Cops have one job: arrest criminals whoever they are.  It must be accomplished without politics or real provable improper conduct.  Once distinctions are made based on racial attitudes, number of arrests of a particular group, perception or perceived grievances, i.e. politics, a jurisdiction no longer has a viable police department.  Police departments require real cops to lead, not “forward thinking “ politicians.

Sad to see this occurring in Escondido.  If it does, goodbye to police and safety and hello to high crime.

ROBERT DAUMILLER, a former 30 year resident of Escondido who now lives in Crossville, Tennessee.

3 responses to “Letter to the Editor: GOODBYE TO POLICE AND SAFETY”

  1. Stephen says:

    For Mr. DAUMILLER’s consideration:
    1. Re: similar to A PD which ‘strives to treat people fairly’ is a goodbye to our city. You are eminently correct, sir. Fair treat, far from the reality I have witnessed in my 20-years of city residence, would be a very welcome “goodbye.” I recognize your witness.
    2. I can find no rationale to group Chicago events with those in Portland or Seattle. I suggest your inclusion may harbor some uninformed bias. One might ask if you recognize or even consider that the social & political climates in both Portland, Seattle & yes now Kenosha are indisputably (yes, cause & effect) a result of national leadership rhetoric.

  2. Garet Day says:

    I think you are right. And it is hard to watch.

  3. Robert Mosemak says:

    Robert’s letter is concise and to the point. Do we want Escondido to become another Portland or Seattle run by liberals who only care about stroking the backs of extremists or do we want leadership that focuses on the safety and security of our community?

    When I joined the police department in 1970 the city council was made up of business owners and long time citizens who loved this city and worked to keep land values high and the streets clean and safe even with a short staffed department. On a busy night we fielded 3 officers to handle three biker bars and several bars throughout the town. The officers had a reputation of getting the job done and the people knew it and there were few complaints during that time period, HOWEVER in the mid 70s and new crew was elected and we saw things change, The methadone center was welcomed into our community, gang bangers began moving in and for the first time we saw the first gang formed from Del Dios School. We began responding to fights and assaults from middle school students, what use to be drug dealing families evolved into street gangs dealing drugs and other things. The council during that time was pushing for welcome mats for more low income and eventually began providing $25,000 for first time buyers that eventually turned my neighborhood into a gang infested area with shots fired every night.
    My point is this logically our police chief should be elected and NOT under the control of the city manager or the council. Just as the Sheriff he needs to operate independently of political pressure to assure our safety and security but now there is a move to create more oversight on the police where none is needed. Next thing we’ll have George Soros picking our chiefs along with the DA and there will be no prosecutions or arrests.

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