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Letter to the Editor: GO AWAY, SAM ABED

Editor, Times-Advocate:

As a San Marcos resident I never paid much attention to Sam Abed so it was with interest to see him running to be my Congressman that I read your profile on him to get a feel for what sort of person he is. And after reading the profile I came up with this conclusion:

Sam Abed is a deeply unserious person and I’m shocked that Escondido residents elected him mayor.

An example of his unseriousness, “We have to deal with 24 trillion dollars of national debt.” 

“How would you do that?”


His answer to every issue seemed to be along the same lines. And similarly to the traitor occupying the White House nothing is ever his fault. He even blamed his defeat in the past election on too many people voting.

Go away Sam, nobody needs your fecklessness.


San Marcos

One response to “Letter to the Editor: GO AWAY, SAM ABED”

  1. Lawrence J Loughnane PhD says:

    I agree that Sam Abed should go away. But, Sam Abed was elected by the people of Escondido. To say that he is an unserious person does not make any sense. There is no specificity to a remark like that. Whe is he an unserious person.
    And to equate him to “the traitor occupying the White House” expresses a deep hatred that should not be expressed without “facts”. An opinion is not truth. Mr Reinhofer and people that share his opinion do not without proof express truth.
    While we may agree that Sam Abed “should go” its at the ballot box where we can express our opinions – but even then it does not mean our our opinions are truth.
    As a last comment: Fecklessness means weak, or ineffective. Depending on one’s political views the traitor in the White House may or may not have accomplished quite a lot.

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