Escondido, CA


Editor, Times-Advocate: 

The article “Days of Vinegar and Thorns,” in The Times-Advocate is about as unbiased as a heart attack! Another thing, why as a legitimate news journalist do you resort to name calling? I quote,”Obersturmführer Nathan Fletcher,” why not just Nathan Fletcher, or County Supervisor Nathan Fletcher? It makes you sound like someone with a chip on their shoulder. Am I really a fan of Nathan Fletcher? Not exactly, but I do realize that he is one of the current leaders trying to get us through this pandemic. A former Marine, I am compelled to believe he does have some leadership skills, and being a leader does not always make you a popular person. If one decides to stay in the shadows and not run for County Supervisor, why criticize someone who has? Unless you have some real answers to this pandemic you shouldn’t criticize. This disease is killing people, 76,000 and counting, and now our children are being affected. You may disagree with our local leaders, but they are leading from the front and not from the rear.

Quote, “ Cultivate reliable news sources. Not just those that confirm your biases. There are reliable and truthful reporters you can find if you try. Local news? I humbly suggest your best bet is this newspaper.” Really? This article is again unbiased as a heart attack!

Quote, “I’ve been in the news business awhile. It has become second nature to spot badly sourced news and to do my own research when I read something that sounds funny (I don’t mean spoken by a clown, although that too is a good indication.) I can’t expect average readers to be that penetrating since, after all, they do have lives.“ I think you under estimate a lot of your readers. I think they’re much more intelligent than you think. I believe you have led a very, very sheltered life if you believe people don’t check things out for themselves. There is a whole world out there beyond Mt. Palomar, Escondido, and Valley Center. My advice, venture out, no guts no glory!

“Three terms I have come to hate with the white hot passion of a thousand suns are:  “social distancing,” “essential business” and “the new normal.” This is reality, not wishful thinking. There is truly an invisible Beast out there and the Beast is hungry. It doesn’t care who you are, it’s an equal opportunity killer. We should take precautions to protect everyone as much as possible, even meat cutters and food producers, their lives are as important as yours and mine.

I quote, “As for ‘essential business’ I want to find the bureaucrat who invented that term, and to whom it obviously does not apply, and ask him to publicly defend what about his job makes it ‘essential.’ ” Somebody has to lead and sometimes it means protecting us from ourselves. California’s and San Diego County’s Covid-19 numbers are a heck of a lot better than other cities and states, and that’s why we starting to intelligently open some business and start to get back to some type of normal. I hope we do it slowly, because the Beast is alive and it isn’t going away anytime soon. Please stay safe and healthy.

RAY FLORES, Valley Center

Editor: Here’s a little Newspaper 101: The column is labeled “Curmudgeon” and “David’s Crazy Opinions.” What part of that would lead you to believe that it is supposed to be either “unbiased” or “reporting”? It’s an opinion piece, and therefore has a point of view and plenty of biases. We also run news articles, which don’t have opinions in them, unless we are quoting someone. 

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