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Editor, Times-Advocate:

Re: “Mac” and Martinez soothe business leaders”

Mayor, nobody wants to invest, purchase a home, start a business in Escondido, wanna know why?  (1) Nobody wants to spend $450.000 plus on a home for twenty years when the neighborhood will tank. 

Endless school and municipal bond measures passing, makes your property worthless, why take a loss when your neighborhood will soon become Barrio Logan. (2) Businesses for the same reason will not invest in the east end. Back in 1984 to about 1995, the east end was the place to shop, today it’s a shell of what it once was, no real businesses I want to frequent on the east end. Today it’s discount stores, free clinics, taco shops and mini marts shops. 

It used to be living on the east end was the place to live, shopping was abundant, rental construction boom, it was just a nice area. Today, I remember in 1984, the construction of apartments on Citrus, Citrus Grove, Citrus Manor, The Willows, Eagles Point, beautiful places. Now,  Barrio Logan with gangs, crime, drugs, filth, ten people living in a two bedroom apartment, I call it, chickens, goats and pigs. Nobody wants to live there anymore. 

The only good area left is the northwest end, the country club area and now this area is starting to change. California, Escondido is hemorrhaging the middle class, the only two types that live here are the well to do and illegal aliens. Everyone moved to other states like Tennessee, Georgia, Arizona, Texas, Montana to escape the nonsense. 

Now we have a new governor, things will only get worse, all these promises, no money to pay for it, more people leave, I call it an invasion without firing a shot. I soon will be leaving California for better opportunities and a better way of life. So, mayor, schmooze all you want, good luck, don’t waste your time, California and Escondido are lost.

RAY CARNEY, Escondido

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