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Editor, Times-Advocate:

Let’s see if I understand this. The Escondido City Council is considering spending $100K to $200K of public funds to promote a dangerous activity known as British Motor Cross (BMX) to Escondido’s youth. That description alone should be enough to drop the idea immediately! BMX is labeled as an extreme sport because of the integral danger associated with this activity. The proposed 3 plus acre BMX facility would contain a 1,000 foot dirt track, lights, bleachers, concession stand, PA system, and screaming kids – all for the “benefit of perhaps 20 local residents” according to local bicycle shop owner and BMX enthusiast Mark Day. If that isn’t crazy enough, let’s continue with the fact that the location the City wants to build the BMX monster is directly across the street from dozens of homes. Are you kidding me? Wait – this gets better!

Now in order to build the BMX monster at their favorite location, the City must bull-doze and disrupt what is arguably the City’s most successful program ever – Disc Golf.  How successful is this program? Talk about people ROI for the City – no public monies spent for an estimated return of 500 to 1,000 disc golfers now using Kit Carson Park – and in total harmony with the park’s environment! (It’s all thanks to the Escondido Rotary Club, the San Diego Aces, and the disc golfing community – who also maintain the course at no expense to the city.) Are you rolling in laughter yet? Well let’s continue with . . . Mark Day, once again, makes two killer comments to the council when he says “BMX is not profitable” and he sees “No financial benefit to Escondido”.  Now consider the City’s financial deal with the BMX vendor is shaping up to have a 17 to 33-year payback, one has to wonder what’s in the water at City Hall!

JERRY PIZET, Escondido

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  1. Mark L Day says:

    This is Mark Day, owner of Centre City Cycles in Escondido and San Marcos. First, let me say that noone was given permission to use my name. Second, the author has taken but a few words of my statements to construe a false narrative.
    I have always been for a BMX track in Escondido. However, so as to benefit ALL residents of Escondido,my proposal was to construct a pump track/skills park as the primary venue that could be open every day with a competitive BMX track constructed within the park to be used a few times a week.
    I still believe that the Kit Carson Park location would offer the best location for multiple reasons including safety, visibility, parking, restrooms, cost, and, most of all, the the extension of what is already there as it relates to the sport of bicycles, i.e.skate/bike/scooter complex.
    I encourage residents of Escondido to rethink and revisit the plan to have a pump/skills park at Kit Carson Park. Our youth need a safe and fun facility to hone their skills as it relates to the bicycle. Cycling is an ever growing family sport. That is and has been the purpose of Kit Carson Park for over 30 years. To combine the sport of cycling to Kit Carson Park would only enhance that

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