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Editor, Times-Advocate:

Compliments to LTE author Alex Sherar in Escondido Times Advocate 11 16 17, page 3. for the thoughtful comment which eloquently responded to TA editorial published 10 26 17 “Kickbacks of Growth.”

I strongly support Sherar’s LTE, with clever title “ Real Estate Development Not the Only Way for Cities to Grow Revenue”. Sherar’s comment notes TA Editorial (10 26 17 Kickbacks of Growth) “made the case that development revenues exceed the costs attached to the city of maintaining the infrastructure that such development creates. Some would argue the opposite and even when it does cover explicit costs, development generates non-financial costs borne by rest of us such as trafic and pollution, i.e., the tragedy of the commons”.

Sherar’s LTE (last paragraph) goes on, “Second, you make the claim that the same people asking for ‘goodies’ from city are the ones that oppose development but you give no examples to back your case. This leads me to suspect you may have little information to support this.  If that is the case, you should give these people the same courtesy you give to developers in saying you have no way of knowing about kickbacks.”

The Editor’s reply: “The Times-Advocate has not been owned by Kelly Crews for about two years now.  Our company does nothing but do newspapers. It has no interest in real estate.  We come by our opinions honestly.” To me, it seems the TA reply sounds as if it was stolen from a script prepared by Escondido Chamber of Commerce, and is not credible. Stay tuned.


* * *

Editor—Not really sure why you think you are qualified to determine our credibility, but since we print most letters, including ones that make baseless accusations, we’ll let you get away with it.  Sorry you think that supporting business—which pays our bills and makes this newspaper possible—undermines our credibility, but that’s your problem and not ours. Anyone who doesn’t acknowledge that a healthy business sector translates into a healthy city is not being realistic. So, to the extent that we recognize this fact in our editorials, we are going to sound remarkably similar to the Chamber of Commerce. Deal with it.

*Note: Opinions expressed by columnists and letter writers are those of the writers and not necessarily those of the newspaper.

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