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Editor, Times-Advocate:

Regarding the editorial “Careful what you wish for when it comes to libraries” from the Oct 5th edition. David Ross mentions that some opponents to Outsourcing the Escondido public library appear to think that inviting the County library system to take over the library would be a preferable choice.

Yes I’ve heard some people  question if that wouldn’t be  a solution  however I am not among those people.

Escondido runs its own Public Library exclusive to the city of Escondido. As there is only one building it does not float library items. That means that if you wish to check an item out unless it’s been checked out already and you need to reserve it you will find it on the shelves.

Also, Escondido has a great selection of books that are not just bestsellers but are both a blend of new works and old classics and that is unique and special to the library.

I also agree as a user of the library that it has a very different and unique flavor from the county or the San Diego City Public libraries and as well as books it has a wonderful collection of  CDs DVDs and reference books.

And then there’s all of the cultural activities that abound as I mentioned in my guest opinion regarding opposition to  outsourcing our public library.

The friends of the library present  wonderful concerts  several months per year in the Turrentine room.

There’s also the very well-respected Pioneer room which holds the records and Archives of the history of Escondido.

In summary, although the city is facing a major hurdle in tackling the growing deficit with the pension plans looming, the council needs to turn away from choosing the library to cut back services and look to other remedies and departments that are more generic to trim the fat.

The Library represents the very heart of learning culture, art, music and history and needs to be curated by professionals not by the private for profit, LSS, Library systems and services company which is not transparent and doesn’t even divulge its earnings.

You can read, comment, sign and share the petition to oppose privatizing by following this link.

MERYL BURKE, Escondido

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