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Editor, Times-Advocate: 

After reading the front page story (print edition) of the TA on December 13, 2018, “New Mayor to Strive for Transparency, Inclusion.” First, I would like to offer my congratulations to our new Mayor Paul McNamara but I am concerned in his platform and campaign promises. First, I do agree that Escondido does need transparency, I have lived in Escondido since 1984 and seen this city change, in a negative way. Escondido has always done its business in private especially City Hall, this needs change. Another area where change is needed is the Escondido Police Department, nobody knows who is in charge. 

The current Chief of Police has a “no confidence” vote by many residents of the city. In regards to inclusion, be careful Mayor, you might get what you ask for. Over the decades, I have seen the city in severe decline, the east end of town, a place where everyone wanted to live and shop now resembles a barrio where graffiti, crime, drugs and gangs rule, rundown roach infested apartments and a taco shop every fifty feet, thanks Olga. Over the past decades, Escondido crime reports and police radio traffic resembles the menu at Alberto’s, it never used to be that way. 

A mayor who spews “inclusion” to people here “illegally” either does not know our laws or just violated the oath of office he just took. Now Sam Abed was no gem, neither was Waldron but they did know where the crime problems were and who the prime culprits of it are. I hope this new Mayor is not blind-sided by his tenure serving his country in Mexico because people will get disgusted and move, many are already and you can’t sustain a city on taco shop revenues. 

The new Mayor needs to understand that sometimes that his “bold” promises may result in ever bigger problems for the city. I have always given the new kid on the block a chance but if this new kid causes even bigger problems and ignores his duties to the “citizens” and “legal tax paying residents” of this city, I will be his biggest and loudest opponent. McNamara, don’t mess up, this is Escondido, a city I lived in for over four decades, I and many others do not want to live in Mexcondido. 

RAY CARNEY, Escondido

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