Escondido, CA


Editor, Times-Advocate

It’s Deja Vu all over again. Seems the Escondido City Council could not bully several dozen home owners living directly across the street for the City’s proposed BMX race track in Kit Carson Park, so what do they do? They quickly change the Master Plan at Jesmond Dene Park to allow zoning for one of these monsters.

And just as before, the site they have selected is directly across the street from homes that would be negatively affected by the construction of a 1 to 4 acre BMX facility which would probably include a dirt track, bleachers, concession stands, flood lights, pump track, screaming kids, and a PA system.

The only possible explanation (I hope) for this continued bad judgment is the fact they are smitten with BMX. How else can one explain such behavior and their refusal to acknowledge or discuss just how dangerous this sport actually is? i.e. BMX is an extreme sport that is listed in the top 10 of the most dangerous sports IN THE WORLD! It’s grouped with other extreme sports such as bungee jumping, ice climbing, volcano surfing, and even running with the bulls because of the integral danger associated with this activity! One view of an actual Bicycle BMX race (and crashes) should convince anyone why this sport recommends “body armor” for its participants. Would you introduce your 4-year-old to bungee jumping, ice climbing, volcano surfing, or running with the bulls? Well BMX encourages riders start as early as 4 years old!

Bottom line, any extreme sport has no business being in a public park, no matter what the sport, no matter where it’s located, and no matter how it’s funded.

JERRY PIZET, Escondido

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