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Editor, Times-Advocate:

I am not sure why people like Lori Hatley are so insistent that only opinions they agree with be printed in the publications they read. It is almost as though they do not agree that American needs a free and fair press, devoted to variety.

Let me tell you how I see it: I like the Times-Advocate very much, and Mr. Ross, who has most of the “news” bylines is “fair and balanced” (to coin a phrase) in his reporting.

His Opinion columns, however, I usually find way too “rightist” (odd that I have seen “leftist” all my life, but never “rightist” until now) for my tastes, and so I may glance at them from time to time, but do not dwell on them.

But that does not mean that I cannot enjoy and appreciate his news writings. Or think that he does not deserve his own opinion.

Also, something that may not have occurred to you is that, as their advertising revenue grows, they must fill more pages with items of interest to make room for more ads. And perhaps draw a more diverse readership to further increase both circulation and advertising revenue.

And that’s a good thing! It even makes more room for letters from readers like you and I, Ms. Hatley!

EARL BROWN, Escondido

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