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Letter to the Editor: ANIMAL DIE OFFS


Editor, Times-Advocate:

A recent study addresses the decreasing numbers of several classifications of creatures. The drastic declining size of our bee population in my opinion is very critical. Yet, the problem does not generate the amount of attention it deserves. Instead, the government is concerned with protecting the delta smelt. Which, as far as I know serves no purpose other than bait? The smelt does not pollinate our crops or contribute to our agricultural needs. In fact, for years the smelt has proven successful in reducing the size of our farming industry. So maybe that’s why there is not much attention given to the declining bee colonies because after all we don’t really need them that much.

Valley Center

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Editor, Times-Advocate:

Many thanks to the hundreds of local residents who supported the preservation of the CCC Camp site and the CCC Interest Group, and special thanks to the VC Community Planning Group who supported the preservation and recognition of our history and heritage.

By the time VC residents read this all traces of the historically important site on Cole Grade Road, known variously as the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) Camp (ca. 1933), Camp Roe ( a WW II military training camp), and the California Department of Forestry (CDF) fire station will have been cleared away.

This is indeed a sad day for Valley Center because this site…

…was of national and local historical significance and played an important role in the formation and development of Valley Center,

…was used as a CCC Camp in the 1930’s, as clearly documented by material readily available at the Valley Center History Museum, contrary to the EIR submitted by VCPUSD, and the District’s very sad effort to revise our history,

…could have provided a valuable historical and educational resource for our community, school children, and visitors,

…was not given a chance to be preserved in any form, or the buildings moved, because the School Board refused to meet with members of the community who wished to observe and memorialize the importance of this site,

…could have been a community resource, in addition to a sports field, through a most generous offer to rehabilitate or relocate a portion of the site for use by the entire community, which offer was ignored by the School Board,

…and the secret and unlawful destruction of the site resulted in an avoidable, expensive and divisive lawsuit.

This is a sad day and a significant loss for Valley Center. Mais c’est fini.

We hope that in the future our newly appointed superintendent and newly elected school board will recognize and support the history and heritage of Valley Center and use public money for the benefit of the entire community.

Respectfully submitted on behalf of the CCC Interest Group.

JON VICK, Valley Center
* Last words of James Joyce.




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