Escondido, CA


Editor, Times-Advocate:

In researching a travel offering from our local Toyota Escondido car dealership for a full-service tour of Baja California Mexico, we never thought how unprofessional the service was being delivered!

The Desert Assassins, Cameron Steele and his wife Heidi, together with the Action Sports people of Toyota Escondido are advertising this travel. The tour was run last year and this is the second offering by this group of car salesmen and racing team, the assassins.

My wife contacted the Mexican Consulate who identified these troubling issues. No formal immigration documents could be found for the tour operators. Meaning, Cameron Steele and his wife have no authorization to be working as tour operators in Mexico.

No business license fees have been paid to the state of Baja California in Mexico. The Desert Assassins, the Steeles, nor Toyota Escondido have paid required fees from their last travel tour! The Full Moon Tour, Toyota Escondido, as stated in the advertising, is charging $2,500 for the August 2017 travel.

The officials at the consulate stated, without the proper travel and business visas and prior business-tour trip fees being paid for last year’s August tour, these travelers are at risk of arrest, in the Republic of Mexico!

We have decided against the tour with the Action Sports people of Toyota of Escondido and the Desert Assassins.


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