Escondido, CA

Letter to the Editor: A TALE OF TWO STUDENTS

Editor, Times-Advocate:
Why do illegal aliens receive resident tuition at California colleges and universities but those who hold legal visas must pay exorbitant international tuition?
Angela came to this country with her mother when she was a little girl. So did Maria. They both attended the same middle school and 4 years of high school here in San Diego County. They will both graduate next month. Angela will attend Palomar College in the fall and pay in-state tuition. Maria will not attend college. Her mother cannot afford it.
Angela and her mother are illegal aliens. Her mother doesn’t pay state income tax on her cash only earnings, nor does she pay any property tax on the small apartment they share with another family.
Maria came to this country with her mother, too, but legally. Her mother was recruited for her special skills and she obtained a TN visa (a special visa for citizens of Mexico and Canada as part of NAFTA). Maria’s mother earns a middle class income and they live in a condo that her mother owns. Her mother pays federal and state income taxes and local property taxes that support the school system and the Community College system.
Angela qualified for resident tuition because she will graduate from a California high school and she is in this country illegally. She may even qualify for free tuition, fees and books because her mother has a low income.
Palomar College will not permit Maria to pay resident tuition. Why? She and her mother are not residents. Maria can attend Palomar and they would be glad to have her. All she needs to do is pay about $4,000 per Semester as an international student. Why? They are here legally on a TN visa.
So, why can Angela pay resident tuition? Angela is an illegal alien, so they waive the residency requirement for her.
Oregon and other states permit students to pay resident tuition who are here from Mexico and Canada because their parents are working legally in this country and hold a TN visa. Why not California?
RAY WOLCOTT, Escondido

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