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Editor, Times-Advocate:

Ref: “City studies sites for BMX course”, 9 Feb. 17, Times Advocate

My name is Jerry Pizet, and I’m the publisher of the Public Facebook Group known as “We Are Kit Carson Park.” We are a two-year-old Facebook group as of this past February and have 104 members including 9 “Park Ambassadors.”

As you might guess, our mission statement entails protecting and caring for the park. For the record, our group has been very complimentary of the City regarding the park’s maintenance, care, general upkeep, and other matters pertaining to the park. Postings at our group over these past two years will surely confirm my previous statement.

Getting directly to the point, it has come to our attention that the Escondido City Council is now entertaining placing a BMX dirt track in Kit Carson Park – once again. While we are certainly not opposed to any BMX in Escondido, we are however vehemently opposed to placing it at Kit Carson Park for many reasons. Reasons that should be obvious with minimal analysis. Furthermore, it is difficult to understand what has changed from the last time the citizens of Escondido overwhelmingly rejected the BMX idea 4 years ago – along with the 9 acre Waterpark consideration.

And judging from the Times-Advocate article on this subject matter, it’s apparent there’s a driving force within the council to construct the BMX dirt track in Kit Carson Park regardless what Escondido citizens think. However, since the publishing of that article there’s been a firestorm of opposition building among the citizens of Escondido to squash this idea at the RFP level. Specifically: “Friends of Kit Carson Park”, “We Are Kit Carson Park”, and the “San Diego Aces Disc Golf Club” are now leading the charge to put a stop to an idea we feel is absolutely “Insane”.

Collectively the current opposition represents over 800 park-using citizens that will surely be against the BMX dirt track in our park – with other groups scheduled to join in shortly. Petitions are already being signed as well as placed in public areas. In summary, the turn out against the BMX in KCP will surely exceed that of the Waterpark’s opposition.

In conclusion, these opposition groups would simply like to see the city’s pending RFP strike any consideration of Kit Carson Park as the final resting place for the BXM dirt track. It would save much time & energy otherwise wasted, as well as eliminate the negative publicity that will surely come regarding this matter.

JERRY PIZET, Escondido

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