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Editor, Times-Advocate:

To Randy Goodson,

Your post-election comment that you must educate the public about the need for housing in San Diego county, is as supercilious and arrogant as the pundits who are misinterpreting the result of the presidential election. Neither you nor they care about the will of the people. Your measure was soundly thrashed at the ballot box. Do not patronize us by telling us you are concerned about affordable housing, a mostly fabricated crisis that would not be addressed by building a dangerous amount of units in Valley Center.

Should you find yourself in Valley Center, please drive up the circuitous road that is Circle R Drive. Try to imagine the nightmare that would be caused by an exponential increase of traffic on that winding road. Then imagine YOUR family members driving down that road during a fire. Then see if your conscience allows you a good night’s sleep.

Escondido/Valley Center
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