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Oh man, the mosquitos are terrible. That’s what my best friend and I said when playing night time golf when I still lived in New Jersey. We thought we would try playing at night offered for the first time at a golf course in South Jersey. If you are from the Mid-West or East Coast you know what I am talking about. We spent more time slapping bugs than we did swinging a club. Every June you stock up on citronella candles and get out the mesh netting so you can sit outside at night and enjoy the quiet. The quiet if you lived in the ‘burbs.’

Why do I mention these pesky insects in Southern California? Recently I have been hearing radio commercials from a company offering a service to rid your area of and protect you from mosquitos. All I can say is WHAT? I have lived in Escondido over 47 years and never once have I been bitten by or even seen a mosquito. Eye gnats yes but mosquitos no. Remember the eye gnat problem near the Vineyard GC probably 15 years ago?

Now that was a nuisance when playing golf and for the people who lived nearby who were constantly bombarded. And, since all the egg ranches are gone so has the summer fly problem mostly disappeared. Did you ever wonder why some stores installed overhead fans at the entry? That is done to keep the flies away since the flies could not get past the air flow. Hurt the fly swatter business. BTW, did you know that the largest egg ranch in the country was located in San Marcos adjacent to Escondido’s west edge? It has been replaced by California State University, San Marcos.

My favorite local elected official of all time was instrumental in making the dream of a North County college a reality. State Assemblyman then Senator Bill Craven was the driving force and probably the lead arm wrestler in securing the present location. As long as CSUSM remains Senator Craven will long be remembered with Craven Hall on Craven Road. That Marine never needed a microphone.

In thinking about the flying insects and the radio commercials I thought about Corky’s Pest Control, a business that has been serving SoCal for over 50 years. In thinking about owner Corky Mizer I thought about a few other guys I had met named Corky. Corky Mcmillan began a construction and real estate company 60 years ago. And then there was long time San Marcos Councilman and Mayor Corky Smith. I don’t think there are many if at all any men named Corky born after 1970. The same is true with no boys named Sue since Johnny Cash sang about the tribulations of carrying that name through life.

Now a few pet peeves. I cringe when I hear reporters on local TV and radio pronouncing local names. It is so obvious they are not from San Diego County. The most egregious was when I heard an obviously new reporter pronounce Jamacha Blvd not as “hamasha” but as “djmaka.” As Dick Enberg would say, oh my! Maybe it’s just me but I believe one should learn to properly pronounce names of buildings and roads and especially a person’s name. Perhaps they don’t teach that in journalism class.

When I listen to traffic reports on the radio I just wish the reporter would learn that Clinton Keith Road in Murrieta is NOT in North County which I have heard on numerous occasions. It is in Riverside County not even close to San Diego County unless, of course, you think 20 miles is close. And the news media wonders why there is waning trust in reporting.

This is rich. Did you happen to see Dr. Fauci throw out the first pitch of the shortened major league baseball season? Oh my! Again. If there was a left handed batter in the box the ump would have tossed him from the game for targeting the hitter. Or at least threw him out for being so bad. What’s really insane is the Fauci baseball card which sold for $10 and immediately placed in Ebay for $100. Wow.

Now what you waited for. UPWARD B. Up and coming middle-manager?

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