Escondido, CA

Learn about how new energy policies will affect the local economy

San Diego: Energy, the Economy and the Call for Pause is the title of a special report that you can learn about at an Escondido Chamber of Commerce free event Tuesday, March 17 7:30 –9:30 am at the Chamber office, 720 North Broadway.

Be among the first to hear the conclusions of a new study that outlines the economic impact of the energy costs and state energy policies on the greater San Diego community. On Tuesday, March 17, Erik Bruvold, President of the National University System Institute for Policy Research, in partnership with the Escondido Chamber, will present regional research on the unique aspects of energy costs in San Diego, and the impact of current energy policies on the future of the region. He will discuss considerations for economic growth, job creation and middle class advancement, and community progress. The event is sponsored by Californians for Affordable and Reliable Energy – more information on the coalition is available at

To register, visit the Chamber website at:

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