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Last year for iconic tree?

This may be the last year that Escondido residents will see the iconic tree atop the roof of the former Palomar Medical Center.  This view was taken by a drone. According to Palomar Health spokesman Derryl Acosta: “We have to vacate the building by the end of next year so it’s possible it could still be up next year.”  Escondido residents have seen and enjoyed this tree for generations. However, the building will be torn down beginning sometime in 2020 by the new owners: Integral Communities out of Encinitas. This is the same company that is developing the old police headquarters site. 

5 responses to “Last year for iconic tree?”

  1. Linda Braaksma says:

    We at the west end of town were in the same predicament. Unfortunately, hospital placement in any city is never or perfect for every resident. I’m just grateful to have one in Escondido instead of having it in San Marcos as it could have been.

  2. John Overman says:

    I was a patient at Old Palomar as it’s known to most. I have also had two surgeries at Palomar Med Ctr. Nothing but great treatment from both of them.

  3. Jamie says:

    So why not put the Tree up on the NEW hospital in Escondido —

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