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Last catfish plant has been made at Wohlford

The last catfish plant of the season has been made at Lake Wohlford: 1,000 lbs of Channel Catfish Friday on August 19.

The next plant will be trout in De­cember.

Water temperature: At surface 80.42 f., 5.88 D.O. @ 10’ 79.88 f., 5.44 D.O.

Water level: Low level, private wa­ter craft are currently banned.

To protect Wohlford from invasive exotic Quagga mussels, there is still a ban on private water craft and equip­ment that could have been exposed to mussels. Restricted equipment in­cludes private boats, canoes, kayaks, float tubes, trolling motors, fish find­ers, anchors, and other equipment that contacts the water.

Lake Wohlford is offering $20 all day motor boats to seniors on Tues­days and Thursdays and to active mili­tary on the first and third Saturdays of each month.

Permits and boat rentals are now be­ing issued at the Ranger Station. At present, they are limited to cash trans­actions only. A vending machine is on order that, when installed, will offer more payment options. The park will be closed weekdays beginning the day after Labor Day and throughout the fall.

Catfish are actively biting through­out the lake. Lake Wohlford cats pre­fer cut mackerel or chicken liver. Stop by the ranger station for a dough-bait recipe that works wonders on catfish, as well as carp.

Bass can be found around structure. The bite is strongest in the early morn­ing and late afternoon. Frogs, craw­dads, and dark colored plastics are currently the best baits.

Each month Whopper Contest win­ners in four categories are awarded a free fishing and boating permit. For information on the contest or fishing conditions, please contact the Ranger Station at 760-839-4346.

To view current fish photos, visit:

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