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LAPA – no one’s entitled to an endorsement McNamara!

A conservative Latino’s view on politics...

The Latino American Political Association (LAPA) of San Diego County, promotes leadership and unity while seeking to increase Latino participation in the political process. LAPA’s nonpartisan. We consist of liberals, conservatives, Democrats, Republicans and No Party Preference. That’s not always true of Latino groups. When I considered others, many didn’t welcome my ideological views. Eventually, I found LAPA and joined because of this makeup. 

Escondido mayoral candidate and retired Marine Colonel Paul McNamara didn’t act with honor and integrity becoming of an officer and made “dog whistle” comments to discredit LAPA ( Why? Simple, he didn’t get the endorsement, so he lashed out. 


If LAPA’s endorsement isn’t valuable as you claim colonel, why seek it? If it’s not valuable, why have liberals sought and earned the endorsement? San Diego Unified trustee and Democrat Kevin Beiser, past San Diego County Democrat Chair Francine Busby, Democrats Lori Saldaña, David Alvarez and other liberals have earned our endorsement.

Victor Torres a liberal, earned the LAPA endorsement over the conservative candidates a few months ago. His platform and track record of dignity and fairness toward Latinos and every American won us over. A little research would have educated you, but it’s easier to blow a “dog whistle” and state we support “right wing” candidates. By the way colonel, attendance at LAPA meetings isn’t indicative of membership. 


Colonel, you didn’t win the endorsement because you had no policy solutions. Literally every policy question, you said you’d speak to those involved and come up with a solution. You didn’t even present a general strategy. Two examples: when asked about the growing pension issue, you had no answer. When asked about detention centers, you had no answer. What you did have? Planned attacks toward Mayor Sam Abed. 

Another example: the city council meeting on the Escondido Library didn’t happen as you said. I was present when a library employee realizing the true costs of “Obamacare” blamed Mayor Abed. It did expose that library’s services to the community weren’t the issue, staff benefits were. What makes LAPA unique is that we want substance and the full story. The mistake you made was believing you could tie your opponent to state and national issues and sway us. You’re not alone. Other candidates make the same mistake. 


I’ve never seen anyone come to a debate as well prepared as Mayor Abed. I concede his intensity may come across as a “grumpy old man,” but he’s also a “wise man.” He’s put Escondido on the right path, showing us how his policies are successful. It’s refreshing to see someone back up their claims with data. Mayor Abed is always willing to share this with constituents. In fact, he had his own booth at the Escondido street fair. Colonel, a reminder – Latinos aren’t the only immigrants. Mayor Abed’s an immigrant living the American dream and an example of what you can achieve with hard work.


What’s worse and offensive, is how you view Latinos. You spoke as if we’re monolithic. We’re not. Here’s a little secret, we’re not all short and brown, but most important, we think for ourselves! We’re a diverse ethnicity and we don’t need you dictating to us how to vote, live, raise and educate our children, to put faith in government and not God. 


I don’t know these North County Latino organizations you refer to. I do know LAPA welcomes any organization that allows for different viewpoints and furthers Latinos to be successful Americans. For the record, I’m Latino and live in North County. I’m an elected member serving on my planning group and I don’t endorse you. You see, even North County Latinos don’t think alike.


When we serve we’re taught to be strong, to realize when adversity hits, you adapt and overcome. The results we expect don’t always happen. You didn’t get the endorsement. Instead of learning from it, you whined like a spoiled, entitled child. You failed to grow from this experience, colonel.

A Marine with 30-years of service told me, it’s an honor to have LAPA’s endorsement. As someone whose family – father, sisters, brother, brothers-in-law – with nearly 100-years of military service, I agree. Colonel McNamara, you’re welcome to seek our endorsement if you run again but you owe LAPA an apology. One any military man of integrity would do. I won’t hold my breath waiting!


¿Cuando vamos a decirle a elitistas como Paul McNamara que podemos pensar por nosotros mismos? McNamara serviría como alcalde y nos diría cómo vivir y pensar. ¡Nosotros, Nuestros Padres o abuelos dejaron nuestros países de origen porque estábamos cansados de los políticos elitistas que nos dictaban como vivir y pensar! El Alcalde Sam Abed no es perfecto, pero tiene un historial de éxito para todos los ciudadanos de Escondido. McNamara sólo tiene palabras para dividirnos, no tiene soluciones que nos ayuden. Apogamies a Sam Abed por su éxito y el “Asociación política Latino Americana” (LAPA) cree que merece su voto.

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One response to “LAPA – no one’s entitled to an endorsement McNamara!”

  1. Ellen says:

    LAPA doesn’t owe anyone an endorsement and Paul doesn’t owe an apology. Free choices, free decisions, free speech for all.

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