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Lake Hodges is half full

Lake Hodges, which provides probably the most visible demonstration of how dry or wet it is in North County, is about half full after several weeks of on and off rain, and a week of really heavy rain.

The Times-Advocate asked Isam Hireish, P.E., MSCE Deputy Director of Water System Operations Division of the Public Utilities Department of the City of San Diego for the latest statistics on the lake. He replied, “As of yesterday Jan 23 2017, the level of the lake is at 97.8 ft. , and the lake is at 50% of its storage capacity.”

Halfway is pretty good, obviously, but there have been times when so much rain fell that the excess has spilled over the dam. The last time was in 2011 and before that in February of 2005, when hundreds of people turned out to watch the water spill from the dam’s 115 ft. spillway. So obviously, we have a ways to go before we get there.

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