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JZ’s back to school snacks



Oh yes! It is that time of the year again. The air starts to get crisp, our kids are back to school and we as parents are back in full swing of juggling life to the fullest. School, school events, sports, birthday parties … Oh and our careers and relationships. Need I go on?

Life can get crazy during the school year so why not pre-plan the kids’ lunches with some fun things they will actually eat! PB&J’s get boring and really do not have much protein, which is what the kiddos need for brain power to get through their day. We know, especially as adults, that the second part of the day is the toughest. So let’s give our kids some good lunches and snacks that will energize them until they come home to their home sweet homes.

Pigs In A Blanket

Easy. Crescent rolls with little smokies wrapped in the middle. These are great protein packed snacks that are great for a lunch or snack. Mix it up and pack with some dips like barbecue sauce, ranch or honey





These protein packed snacks are not only good for you, but they are fun for kids to eat! Sprinkle with some salt and put in a bag or tupperware container for them to munch on.

Lunch on a Stick

Kabobs don’t have to be cooked on a barbecue. Make your own lunchables by getting a bbq skewer and put cuts of meat, cheese and cucumbers on them to pack for lunch. Delicious and fun for kids to eat!


Oh yes. Such an easy thing to fill those hungry tummies during their lunchtime. Make your own easily by using a fried corn tortilla filled with shredded chicken and cheese. Put a side of ketchup or mild sauce to dip them in! (This is one of my 8 year old’s favorites.)

Whatever you make for your kids lunches, make sure it is something they like, they will eat (and won’t trade or throw away.) The most important thing is to get protein in their systems during the day so they can be at their best.

Have a great 2016-2017 school year everyone!

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