Escondido, CA

Joint boards discuss Middle College at Orange Glen High School

The EUHSD Middle College Team: (from left) Justin Smiley (Palomar), Amanda Phillips, Amy Booth, Dr. Olga West, Mia Funk, Dr. April Moore, Dr. Glyn Bongolan (Palomar College), Vanessa Center (hidden), JC Diaz, Stacey Adame (OGHS Principal), Dr. Anne Staffieri, Allison Talbott, Mike Sovacol.

The Palomar College Board of Education recently held a joint board meeting with the Escondido Union High School District Board of Education to discuss the concept of a Middle College at Orange Glen High School.

Middle colleges have developed in response to calls to make high school more relevant to students, and to make college more accessible and affordable. The Middle College concept creates a college-going culture in high school and studies have shown the Middle College concept increases high school graduation rates. If approved, the Middle College at Orange Glen High School would commence with the 2020-2021 school year.

There were quite a number of questions from both Boards of Education. Topics included diversity, inclusion, marketing, attrition rates and graduation rates, future enrollment numbers, and attention to continuation high school students.

The joint board meeting. From left, Dr. Joi Lin Blake (Palomar President/Superintendent), Tina Pope (EUHSD Board Clerk), Mark Evilsizer (Palomar Board president), Nancy Ann Hensch (Palomar Board secretary), John Halcón (Palomar Board VP), Linus Smith (Palomar Board Student Trustee) Nina Deerfield (Palomar Trustee), Jon Petersen (EUHSD Board member), Christi Knight (EUHSD Board member), Dr. Anne Staffieri (Superintendent EUHSD), Dane White (EUHSD Board Vice President), Bill Durney (EUHSD Board President).

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