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John Clark would bring decades of medical equipment experience to hospital board

Candidate John Clark

John Clark is a candidate for the Palomar Health board. He is currently serving on the Palomar Hospital Foundation Board,  where he has been for nine years.

Educated in college in premed studies, he moved to California 40 years ago and started the first of what would be several medical businesses in the area of expensive surgical and medical equipment. 

This morphed into putting financial partnerships together with hospitals. “I learned a lot about the operation of hospitals,” he recalls. He went on to own and operate an outpatient surgery center on the Scripps campus in San Diego. There he learned a lot about nurse staffing, insurance reimbursement and the state and federal guidelines on operating a medical facility.

Later he established a  brain cancer treatment center in the Los Angeles area in partnership with numerous neurosurgeons and oncologists, where he learned a lot about cancer treatment. 

“Over the past few years I have been acquiring medical patents for pharmacology and medical device technologies and I am currently taking that company publicly in an IPO,” he says. “I feel that what qualifies me the most to be on the board is the depth and degree of understanding I have acquired with our hospital system serving on the hospital foundation board. I’ve gained great insight into the operations of the hospital system as I served on various presidential advisory councils.”

Asked if his extensive medical business dealings might create a conflict of interest on the hospital board, Clark said, “I have no transactions or history of business relations with the district. I don’t anticipate that I would in the future. In opposition to a conflict of interest, I feel that my deep medical-business background will be helpful to the hospital if I serve as a board member.”

Why is Clark running?  “When you are on the foundation board you find yourself making suggestions for improvements and it gets frustrating sometimes when collectively as a board, the foundation makes some great recommendations but they don’t seem to come to fruition. I feel that my time can be better spent helping the district in a more authoritative capacity,” he said.

His biggest issue is the desire to “institute really sound, conservative fiscal policies. If we implement these policies we can generate profits. As a non-profit we can reinvest those profits in people and technology and keep our hospitals competitive and ahead of the game. The number one goal of any hospital should be good patient outcomes that meet or exceed federal and state standards. We cannot achieve these goals unless we have the best people with the best equipment being unleashed to do their jobs in a professional and rewarding manner.” 

Clark adds, “Going forward I think our hospital has to look for partnerships with other hospital systems, in the area of cancer treatments, clinical trials etc. I believe in an extremely transparent board. It doesn’t do the hospital any good when they are forced to address conditions that become public items.”

Why should the voters vote for him? “What’s important is not who you are voting for. What’s important is that you care about your hospital and what is best for your hospital. It is your duty as citizens of this community to know of and support your local hospital because, I promise you, you or your family are going to need it and you don’t know when.”

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