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Jack Raymond funds second year of Escondido Legends scholarships

Jack Raymond has funded the second year of the Escondido Legends scholarship program.

The Escondido History Center announced this week that Jack Raymond has fully funded the 2020 Escondido Legends community awards program. His $10,000 donation ensures a $1,000 honorarium and other awards presented in an October 2020 ceremony to eight selected outstanding Seniors from Escondido High Schools.  

In  its announcement the History Center said “Each Escondido Legends Award will be presented in the name of the eight 2020 Escondido Forever Legends or 2020 Escondido Founding Legend. We anticipate the honorarium for the eight honored High School Seniors in Escondido will be used for expenses such as AP Tests, SAT/ACT, College application fees, Senior pictures, Yearbook, Sports fees and equipment, Co-curricular costs, school spirit clothing and memorabilia, etc.”

The announcement continued, “The Escondido History Center wishes to raise the awareness and appreciation of the men and women who have greatly contributed to Escondido. Escondido Legends honorarium will recognize outstanding Seniors from the High Schools in our community who have demonstrated the characteristics which will enable them to become Escondido Legends. 

“Our goal is to achieve, through a highly valued and anticipated program, an enlightened respect for Escondido Legends; Forever, Founding and the Honored Students. The Escondido History Center is hopeful these awards will also enhance the culture of our community and encourage increased interest and knowledge of our rich history.”

The announcement concluded: “The Escondido Legends Committee has started the process of planning this highly anticipated community event and selecting the 2020 Forever and Founding Escondido Legends.  The Escondido History Center and the Escondido Legends Committee (Don Anderson, Norm Barnhard, Teddy Borja, Mavany Calac, Mike Dietz, Judy Dolan, Jennifer Firmin, Robin Fox, and Tom Humphrey) are looking forward to a second year this successful awards program.”

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