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It’s decision time at VC Middle School

What is harder than breaking a log with your bare hands? Picking your 7th grade elective is what! It is ELECTIVE selection time. When you choose an elective at Valley Center Middle School (VCMS) it can be a hard decision for 6th graders, especially because we are not familiar with any of the courses or how we will like them. Electives can include:

BAND (beginner, intermediate, advanced, jazz)



FOCUS, before known as college readiness or ADVID



It was frustrating choosing between ASB and AG as my top pick because I am surrounded with agriculture and when I grow up I want to be a large animal veterinarian and live on a ranch.

My mom helped me understand that I should try something different so that I don’t get sick of agriculture and ASB will keep me involved, will help me not be so shy and teach me more about leadership and helping others. It is just hard figuring out what to do. So I ended up putting agriculture as my number two and ASB as my 1st choice. I picked FOCUS as my third choice because I am in that program right now and I love it. I think I might even do this as my eighth grade electives. I just wanted to try something new for my 7th grade year.

The third quarter is already ending and the final 4th quarter is approaching so let’s end the 3rd quarter with good grades and make the last quarter phenomenal.

That is all that I have to share with ya’ll today. I will see you next time but before I go I will leave you with this thought, “There are hundreds of languages around the world but a smile speaks them all.”

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