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It all belongs to them


It used to be said of the Soviet Union that when they negotiated with other states, “What’s mine is mine and what’s yours is negotiable” was the operative position.
More and more, that seems to be the attitude of the left in this country where, the dividing lines between conservatives and liberals seems to be, if you are a lefty, that all of what I am and produce belongs to the state, which lets me keep a certain percentage of it. If you are a righty the operative catch phrase is “What’s mine is mine, and we let the state have a certain percentage of it to provide necessary services.”
If you are a Democratic politician who comes from the point of view that all things belong to the state except what the state lets us keep, then it makes perfect sense to characterize a tax cut for individuals and corporations as “theft.”
“Theft” is actually the nicest thing the Democrats say about a bill that cuts the corporate tax rate from 35%—among the highest rate in the industrialized world—to 21%.
It will also eliminate the requirement that everyone sign up for Obamacare whether they want to or not. Or rather, it will eliminate the tax on that behavior. Among critics of the bill, this is known as “kicking millions of people off of healthcare.”
I recently saw this slogan: “Democrats. A bunch of rich people, convincing poor people to vote for the rich people by telling the poor people that other rich people are the reason they’re poor.” Of course, a slogan like that is designed to inflame liberals to a high dudgeon of outrage because it is largely correct. There are more rich people in the Democratic party than there are in the Republican party. The GOP is, under Trump transforming into a party of “deplorables” as Hillary would call them, the middle and lower middle class.
The rich upper crusters know who is in their corner. The people who have lots of money know how to protect it from the ravishments of the confiscatory state. As long as income taxes are aimed at profits from acts of capitalism like starting up a new company and selling a new and exciting product, and not at accumulated wealth, the rich will favor hobbling the entrepreneurs as much as possible.
Why? Because they don’t want the competition. When you are living in a tony high-rise neighborhood with lots of snooty neighbors, the last thing you want is some Rodney Dangerfield look-a-like crashing your party with newly earned wealth.
That’s why the establishment wealthy fight any and all housing developments, especially those that are near them. They don’t want anyone tainting their quality of life, which in many instances means getting in the way of their view of the ocean. According to their philosophy, not just their property, but the “viewshed” belongs to them.
So, when you hear about how bad the new tax bill is, consider who is telling you. It could possibly be some rich dude who doesn’t want the proles keeping more of their money because that might make him wait half an hour to get a good table at Ruth Crist. Because, after all, it’s NOT their money. They didn’t “build that.” It really, by right, belongs to the collective.
That’s the real reason they don’t want you to keep more of your money.

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