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In the Escondido Arts Partnership, the gold is the people

“Grandma Kate And the Streets Paved with Gold” Acrylic by Patric Stillman.

On the early evening of July 7, I am gazing upon the walls of the Escondido Municipal Art Gallery. Somebody keeps tugging at my eyes as I try to focus my attention on the various artworks of the gallery’s members.

Each year, an exhibit is held for EAP (Escondido Arts Partnership) members only. The exhibit has proven once again that Escondido is fruitful with artists lurking in its historic neighborhoods. One cannot help but wonder how many artists they might encounter on a daily basis.

After tracing the lines and basking in the color of the various artworks with my eyes, I finally decide to submit to the pull of what I call “that one piece.” This person who kept tugging at my eyes stood proud as a masterpiece basking in the sun. Her face was comfortably tucked beneath a shady summer hat and large black Hollywood-like shades. The single blue-sun earring (shown at her right side) pointed towards the drape of her scarf. The glistening of her lower lip, nose and chin accentuated her relaxed smile. The blue sky was the perfect tribute to this summer day’s sky because it was the same color I’d walked beneath moments ago. LaRetta Small Zamora’s summery “Mona And Me” vibrantly captured the comfortably warm feeling of the southern California.

In contrast to photorealistic “Mona And Me” I began to get a cool feeling on my left shoulder. This hot summer is encouraging to anything which is associated with even the slightest sliver of a cool zephyr. I walk towards a female dressed in a blue top and black skirt. It is funny to think of passersby trading spaces to either cool off or warm up. While the curly haired woman walks frozen in time, she is lifelike amongst the wispy auras of the people around her. Feeble lines delicately erect the cloud-hidden buildings around them. As I stare closer into the piece, the texture could’ve easily been mistaken as a slab of concrete taken directly from one of the buildings. With such impactful and jagged texture, it was hard to believe that the painting was created with acrylic paint. Bold as it stands, “Grandma Kate And the Streets Paved with Gold” elegantly floats upon the wall as one of the most poetical pieces of the exhibit.

“Mona And Me” Acrylic by LaRetta Small Zamora.

“Where was the gold in that piece?” I heard somebody ask.

“Brilliant!” I thought to myself. “I believe the gold is the people.”

EAP consistently proves its appreciation for artists of all styles. Their eclectic selection is indicative of the variety of artists which grace the city of Escondido. There are many other surprises and extraordinary pieces which I do not mention. In respect to the exhibit’s theme, it is the “people’s choice” and we are the people.

2 responses to “In the Escondido Arts Partnership, the gold is the people”

  1. I’m honored that one of my works of art touched writer Armando E. Padilla. Artwork often comes from such a personal place within the artist so its a rare treat to be able to “see” the work from another’s eyes. Thank you for your kind words. Congratulations to my fellow artists at Escondido Arts Partnership. Great organization that I am proud to be a member of.

    • Thanks Patric! My aim is to shine the spotlight on local artists. The EAP has been incredible to work with in the past. I now thank the Times Advocate for trusting me to write stories from my perspective. I owe a lot to my literary influences which have helped me to convey the messages I seek to share about the artists for the artists and the general public. There are tons of deserving artists out there that I’ve yet to cover. I hope that through my stories, the readers become encouraged to visit local galleries so that they can discover the favorite artists of their own. Thanks for sharing your talent with the world. All the best!

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