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Hospital Board candidate Doug Moir sees need for strategic planning

Dr. Doug Moir upon the occasion of receiving the North County Philanthropy Council Volunteer of the Year award from 2005.

Dr. Doug Moir upon the occasion of receiving the North County Philanthropy Council Volunteer of the Year award from 2005.

Doug Moir is running for the Palomar Health board because he thinks that the board should spend significantly more on “strategic planning” than it currently does.

Dr. Moir has been a practicing physician at Palomar Hospital for 21 years, which, he says, “gives me some time in grade. But obviously I care about Palomar, and my community. My wife and I have been involved in a variety of community activities. I feel I have something to offer. I think this is a way to express my opinions. They’ve grown out of conversations with fellow physicians in the last 41 years.”

As noted above, Dr. Moir thinks there is a “critical need for their strategic planning to look at everything very carefully and thoroughly.” A lack of care in such planning led to the case of Prop. BB about a dozen years ago where several communities, such as Ramona and Valley Center, were promised community health clinics if BB passed. It did, but the clinics didn’t happen.

The Times-Advocate asked the candidate to comment on that issue.

“Those were lofty goals about how we were going to put health centers in those communities and they weren’t able to fulfill them because of overreach, and not counting their pennies carefully during construction,” he said.

“Strategic planning is one area and the budget is another. I firmly believe the board should fine tooth comb the budget and look at every single expenditure and and see if it helps us to fulfill our mission and to see if we are overreaching financially,” said the candidate.

Asked to comment about the future of the land and buildings that once made up the old Palomar Hospital campus, Moir said, “I was talking about it yesterday with [city councilman] Ed Gallo and Mayor Sam Abed. There’s twenty-two acres of prime property and the city and county are incredibly anxious to see that it is used as best can be used to benefit the entire community. It’s a bridge between the west and the east Valley Parkway corridors. The city is extremely willing to work with whomever buys into the property with street closures and things to make it as attractive as can be made.

“There are ongoing discussions between the CEO and city leaders for the best uses of the property. The board should be very involved in this decision-making and planning because it has tremendous implications for the city. The more attractive the property can be made it increases the sale price and the more capital for the health system and since the health system is getting squeezed from all direction these days from a financial standpoint that is attractive.”

Why vote for Moir? He said, “I think reasons to vote for me is that I’m a physician, so I understand issues of patient care and financial pressures, and I have some sense of where health care may be going. Secondly I’m a small businessman. I grew up in a business family. I understand town business principles. Third, I care about my community. I’m the only candidate who has extensive fundraising experience and I’ve been on the board of the health foundation and chaired that board at the time of BB campaign.”

Moir points to what he calls “wide support,” “particularly from health care providers. I think we’ve developed an incredibly high tech hospital and we need to aggressively pursue alliances with bio tech and bio med companies. We should be a beta site for whatever people are doing in cutting edge technology. right now we are cutting edge but that passes quickly. That should be a focus of the board and administration.”

Noting that Palomar Medical Center ranks in the top five nationally and top ten internationally, he said, “We need to build upon that. The community and staff benefits from that. They are excited to be evaluating cutting edge techniques. Their work becomes more exciting and meaningful.”

To find out more about Doug Moir, visit his website:

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