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History Center needs help to spruce up Victorian house

The History Center’s Hoffman Victorian Country Home needs your help to spruce it up a little.

Many of you may have noticed that the Hoffman Victorian Country Home looking a little worse for wear. The City of Escondido maintains our buildings; however, we realize that resources are tight and not always available when we need them. That being said, a gentleman walked into my office one day and said, “I want to help fix up that building (pointing to the Victorian) … who do I talk to?” Since that day, Eric Loving and I have had numerous conversations leading up to a volunteer project, led by Eric, to give this lovely lady a face lift.

The City recently approved our choice of paint colors and gave us the green light to move forward on this project; therefore, we are now actively recruiting volunteers, searching for donations of materials, as well as monetary donations. If you are interested in participating, please contact us at the History Center. Most of the work will be done on the weekends. We are grateful to Eric for stepping up and offering his skills to the EHC.

Amid this conversation, we have continued to address some of the other projects connected to the museum complex. Our interpretive signs will be installed by the end of the year, thanks to a grant from the County of San Diego. Also, we are searching for a pro bono landscape architect to help us design a new irrigation system and xeriscape for the areas around the museum buildings.

We are hopeful that reducing the amount of water hitting the structures will also reduce the environmental damage to these valuable buildings. Once the new irrigation and landscaping are in place, we would like to install a Victorian-era fence around the museum complex. Not only will the fence be attractive, but it will help create a sense of identity for the Escondido History Center Museum Complex. We encourage you to reach out to us if you have a unique skill, access to resources, or if you would like to donate towards a specific project.

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Stacey Ellison is director of the Escondido History Center.

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