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High school district launches program to enhance lunches

Students at Del Lago Academy enjoying whole grain breads, bread sticks and other items baked solely with California grown ingredients.

Last week, in an effort to optimize the students’ lunch experience Escondido Union High School District launched California Thursday at Del Lago Academy.

The point was to serve the students fresh meals from foods grown locally that will enhance students’ health and academic achievement.

As the program continues to grow the foods items served on California Thursday will become regular items on the school’s menu, says the school district.

EUHSD joins 58 other school districts in efforts to improve the meals that the students are being served. The meals served on California Thursday are aimed to meet the program’s goal of serving 100% freshly prepared and California-grown meals. Some of the products that will be served that are grown in California are dairy, grains, and proteins. The program also aims to serve unprocessed or minimally processed foods to ensure that the students are eating fresh and healthy items grown locally in California.

Students enjoyed California grown products including oranges, tangelos and carrots (served with ranch dressing).

The decision was made to improve the eating habits of students while in school. EUSHD will also take part of California Thursday to help improve the students’ health and academic achievement. “Students will not be the only ones that will benefit from the efforts of EUHSD to serve healthy new meals,” said a  statement from the district. “The local economy will also feel the great benefits of California Thursday.”

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